1. Well
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Tell me that you got your sight
Tell me that you're doin' right
Movin' like a tidal wave
Tell me that you're gonna behave
We know the who what when where
But will we ever know the why
It's always better if you try

Tell me that the band is tight
You read what you want to write
Livin' and you can't complain
Pedaling against the rain
A E I O you
A E you owe me
Pass the time
Wait and see

And you can do yourself some good
Wish you would and you should
Get safe and sound
Quit foolin' around
Better late than never
And you could get back in the game
Make the change
Life is strange
But worth living
Just stand up and sing
Better late than never

Swimmin' in your own pool
Tell me that you ain't no fool
Are you taking two steps back
Or are you getting back on track
If your hindsight has good vision
You better make the right decision
Getting well
Can seem like hell